Do You Have Your Appointment With The Paint Doctor?

Do You Have Your Appointment With The Paint Doctor?


Why Is Painting Your House Important?

Making your interior and exterior look appealing is something which can add new life into your house.

Regardless of whether you plan on selling your house or not, a new paint job adds value, while also making it look as presentable as possible.

Where other wall painting contractors will fix or improve your exterior for the short term, they are actually harming your wallet in the long term.

Roof painting companies and diligent paint service providers, such as Paint Doctor, who use high-quality products, will ensure that your exterior paint lasts for many years.

Paint manufacturing companies, who do their homework, are able to deliver a product which is not only effective and durable but also something which is not an environmentally harmful commodity.

Who Is Paint Doctor?

A South African exterior roof and wall painting business, Paint Doctor is based in Johannesburg and are ready to improve the inside and outside of your home, while using Green products to do so.

As a roof painting company, Paint Doctor is focused on ensuring that your house looks as appealing and flawless as possible.

Paint Doctor is more than willing to perform an extensive analysis of your desired space, which will help them to understand how to best improve it.

By refurbishing parts of the space, as well as removing any unnecessary and unwanted issues, the wall painting and roof painting company are thorough in their approach.

Alongside this, Paint Doctor is also a wall painting contractor, and want to improve your internal and external features, which will help in making your home look presentable.

Being a paint manufacturing company means that Paint Doctor is able to make a difference in the environmental impact of their products. Going Green in any colour you want.

Only The Best

Paint Doctor only wants to supply your house with the best. The best quality products with the best service possible.

Using the best products will not only ensure that your house looks top quality but the amount of protection this top-notch paint provides guarantees that the roof painting company wants to keep the maintenance for your roof and walls low.

What this means is that as a paint manufacturing company, Paint Doctor wants to deliver a service which is able to withstand the forces of nature.

What does it mean to use only high-quality products? What it means is that your wall painting contractor, in the form of Paint Doctor, is using products which are long-lasting and while being of high calibre, are also not overrated or overpriced.

Having to get your house a paint job is something which takes a lot of planning and is a long process. After using Paint Doctor, your house won’t have to be painted for a number of years.

Paint Doctor’s Procedure

Experience mixed with due diligence is a combination which certifies Paint Doctor’s passion in giving you the best standard of roof and wall painting possible.

Roof painting companies are able to provide you with a new paint job, but Paint Doctor is able to assure you that the quality of their service is focused on providing you with paint which endures all of the seasons, and will come out looking as fresh as the day it was put on.

Paint Doctor is a wall painting contractor which has streamlined their service, providing each and every home with the same high-quality services for all of their clients.

Being serious about service, Paint Doctor will assess the current situation of your wall or roof. After this, the paint manufacturing company will be able to issue your house with the best possible service, with an approach that serves your house specifically.

The services available are a pre-paint hydro wash, repairing of any cracks, coating windows, plastering and damp proofing, scaffolding, sealing, painting and inspections.

Hydro Wash

The use of high-pressure water power allows for the removal of loose paint, mould, dirt, mud, bird droppings, among other things, to be removed from a wall or any other service.

Paint Doctor is able to use hydro wash in order to remove such things which makes the cleaning process, pre-paint job, much easier.

The wall painting contractor believes that removing as much of the existing paint as possible, as well as any extra filth, makes the painting process much more effective and less time-consuming.


Painting over cracks is an inefficient use of paint and time, as the cracks will ultimately ruin the hard work of our service and increase the maintenance you’ll have to do.

Paint Doctor is not just supplying wall or roof painting, they are providing high-quality services which will be worth every penny.

Using a patching composite or re-plastering agent will help in repairing the cracks on your house, and will go a long way in improving the aesthetic and giving your house that extra bit of pizazz.

Window Sills

Window sills are a very important feature for the exterior of your home. As such, Paint Doctor provides a paint job which matches your wall or roof for your window sill, adding another layer in making your house look and feel distinctive.

Any other items or features of your home will be covered to ensure that any dripping paint does not ruin them.

Damp Doctor

paint manufacturing company, Paint Doctor has also designed their own product which deals with areas where there are damp spots or larger damp areas.

What it does is remove the water from the area, which lets clean and clear air into space, and allows for the overall area and water to be improved, meaning that the condition of the space is enhanced.

The product is able to guarantee the decrease in the time the dampness spreads so that it does not affect the paint coating which has been applied.

Damp Doctor is another tool used to make certain that the wall painting is going to last for a very long time, protecting the time, effort and money from Paint Doctor and their clients.

The Roof

Just like the wall, roof painting companies like Paint Doctor must assess the roof, to see if any pre-maintenance needs to be done before applying any new form of paint.

The intention for doing such assessments is to decrease the level of maintenance or upkeep you will have to do in the future.

Any and all rusted parts must be properly washed and tended to with treatments. Using a primer such as rust converter paint will definitely tend to the rust filled spaces.

If the rusted parts are too far gone, then Paint Doctor will need to replace the metal roof by placing new metal sheets above the damaged spaces.

The roof screws will be analysed in order to see if they must be replaced as well.

Weak or missing screws will also be replaced by Paint Doctor as this is not only a concern for them during their service but definitely for you.

In case of any unforeseen mishaps in the future, the roof painting service will secure the metal sheets as mentioned above, which can prevent such things as leaks from occurring.

Paint Doctor has been able to provide their main roof painting and wall painting services, while also providing additional services, which is a huge benefit as you can rely on one company to do everything that’s required.

Building onto this, all of the services given by Paint Doctor are all at an affordable price, and is serviced in a professional and faultless way.

Going Green

The environment is in a bad state at this point in time. There are businesses who have the resources and the platform to make a change and are working hard to do so.

Paint Doctor is no different, researching new and improved ways to help in innovating paint which does not contain as much of the harmful components as in the past.

Paint has been something which has evolved over the years as lead, which caused lead poisoning, was used in paint for a number of years.

However, there is still room for improvement and paint manufacturing companies, including Paint Doctor, have been working on decreasing their footprint, while helping you be a part of a healthy and beneficial movement.

Paint Doctor has vowed to try this hardest to make not only Johannesburg a progressive and influential place, helping with environmental issues, but entire South Africa

Paint manufacturing is not an easy job to do. By making it your mission to design and develop paint which is as eco-friendly and as effective as possible is adding even more pressure.

Paint Doctor understood this, and took time out of their day, applying themselves by trying to understand the jigsaw puzzle which is paint. They were able to create state of the art paint which is as high quality in its use as it is as high quality in its decrease in environmental impact

The wall painting and roof painting company is also aware that by finding suppliers for their other products, who are also high in rating in terms of decreasing environmental impact, they are moving their entire company into a Green state of the application.

Why Choose Paint Doctor?

Paint Doctor could be seen as a company who is simply great at wall painting and roof painting.

While this is true, they are so much more than that. As a paint manufacturing company, they are involved in all of the processes of the paint service sector.

Paint Doctor understands what you want and more importantly what you need, such as their focus in ensuring that their paint is able to be a long-lasting, low maintenance application.

Paint Doctor helps with your house’s problem areas, be that damp spots, metal roof issues, screw issues and cracks in the wall just to name a few.

With their service being at an affordable price, throughout the procedure, it’s no wonder Paint Doctor are seen as a very professional and reliable business.

On top of this, Paint Doctor is fixated on decreasing their environmental footprint and believes that through their development of top of the range Green paint products, they can even help their clients and the greater South Africa in this project.

The movement for Green doesn’t stop there, as Paint Doctor even uses suppliers who have a good Green Star rating, meaning that their products are also focused on being as eco-friendly as it can be.

Paint Doctor is not only a business who has a great work ethic and high work drive, but they are also a business who want to do everything they can to make sure that you are happy with the results and happy with the price of their service.

They will not compromise in their efforts to decrease the amount of their footprint.

What they will also not compromise in, is their constant strive towards developing new and improved paints and products, which will refine the amount of time it takes to finish their service, as well as the durability of that product.

Contact Paint Doctor for Details on Improving Your Exterior and Interior

Paint Doctor is a company which is as serious about its service as it is about going as Green as possible. If you’re looking for a business who takes our planet into consideration, while also doing a high-quality job for your house,  then Contact Paint Doctor today for further details.

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