Tiled Roof

Tiled Roofs

If you require tiled roof services which are affordable, we supply cost-effective alternatives. Moreover, our comprehensive services ensure that your roofs will have the strength to endure South Africa’s ever-changing weather conditions. On top of this, we can ensure that the ageing process of your roof occurs gracefully.
By this we mean that we can improve the durability of your roof before we add a new coat of paint. This includes sealing any spaces which can cause potential leaks. We will then apply the correct paint to the tiled roof which will improve the lifespan considerably.
We take a holistic approach to servicing tiled roofs. Our processes include the ability to remove debris. We also clean the gutters and will inspect the roof for any faults. Likewise, we will check the ridges & valleys and clean where necessary.
Much like the wall painting services, we look to assess the roof beforehand. This allows us to do the job correctly from the start. On top of this, it provides us with the ability to decrease your overall maintenance needs.
With this, downtime for the tiled roof services is relatively low and once we have completed we will only come back when regular maintenance is required. Repairs and re-coating will only be done when it is essential. Our processes ensure that this will not be a common occurrence.
With a team of exerts, we have the knowledge to secure your roof. This includes the ability to actually improve the state of the roof before we add fresh paint to the surface. Combining these two factors means that the integrity of your roof is assured and the aesthetic is improved considerably.
The use of Green products means that we move towards a more sustainable approach with our services. This allows us to provide our clients with paint which has a lower impact on the environment.
Paint Doctor therefore will perform an extensive analysis on your space. In this, we look to provide you with the desired look and feel that you have been dreaming of. We believe that by working together as company and client we can design the best painted space for you.
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