Wall & Roof Painting Services

Have a professional company come in, assess your space and complete the interior and exterior job from start to finish with the best services available. We guarantee that our capabilities will improve the aesthetic of your space.

On top of this, we will ensure that the overall refinement of the space will provide long lasting excellence.

We refurbish the space and remove all unnecessary and unwanted issues. Paint Doctor use only high quality products. On top of this, we will ensure that your house looks superb.

Moreover, the amount of protection this top-notch paint provides guarantees that maintenance for your roof and walls are low. With low operating costs and the best quality at your disposal, what more can you ask for.

If this isn’t enough, all of the paint products we use are Green. We hope to provide our services in line with environmental sustainability.

Wall Painting Services

We at Paint Doctor take a detailed approach to revitalising the walls of your home with our professionally conducted wall painting services.

The process includes a pre-paint hydro wash, scaffolding if necessary, repairing of cracks, coating windows, plastering and damp proofing, sealing, painting and inspections.

Metal Roofs

Our cost-effective approach though thorough metal-roof painting services are conducted with absolute professionalism and care.

We start with a high-pressure hydro wash, clean gutters, treat and remove rust, inspect the roof for leaks and cracks, seal with latex and safeguard your roof against leaks and damages in the future.

Tiled Roofs

Our services for tiled roofs are comprehensive and affordable, and ensure that your roof can withstand the ravages of ageing and weathering for an extended amount of time.

Paint Doctor take a holistic approach to servicing tiled roofs that removes debris, cleans gutters, inspects, coats and cleans your tiled roofs to ensure that there are no cracks or leaks.

House Trim Painting and Coating

Paint Doctor take a comprehensive approach to treating and repairing house trims for buildings and homes. Starting with a thorough inspection, moving through to custom cutting and attaching and finishing off with wood treatments. This keeps house trims lasting longer. Furthermore these services will have your building offer itself in a presentable condition for far longer.

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