The Paint Doctor is a leading provider of wall and roof painting services in Johannesburg. We provide a full spectrum of painting, sealing, and coating solutions for residential, corporate, and industrial projects, that make use of the highest quality products, as well as a skilled and experienced workforce.

Our services deliver long-lasting and cost-effective solutions to our clients that meet their exact needs, specifications, and budgetary requirements, thanks to our full scope of specialised offers.


Our wall and roof painting services include an extensive range of specialised offers, including the following:

Wall Painting Services

We will plaster and damp proof the wall so that the strength of the wall is maintained. Waterproofing, sealing and inspections will be completed before we begin the process of painting.

Metal Roofs

Before we begin painting, we provide a full inspection and service for metal roofs to ensure that they are in optimal condition.

Tiled Roofs

Much like the wall painting services, we look to assess the roof beforehand. This allows us to do the job correctly from the start. On top of this, it provides us with the ability to decrease your overall maintenance needs.

House Trim Painting & Coating

We provide comprehensive house trim painting and coating services that are cost-effective, long-lasting and ensure a minimal need for future maintenance.


If you would like to know more about our wall and roof painting services, or would like to book a consultation with us, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Paint Doctor today, or feel free to learn about our complete range of products and services by browsing our website further.

have your building offer itself in a presentable condition for far longer.


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