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If you are in need of a cost effective metal roof painting service you’ve come to the right place. We provide an extensive service where we ensure thorough analysis is done in order to provide the best solution possible.
This includes our ability to provide consistency in our professionalism and the care we take. We will begin with our precise hydrowash high pressure technique. After this, the gutters will be cleaned and the roof will be treated for rust.
The metal roof will have any rust removed before painting commences.
By assessing the roof, we will have the entire picture. As such, we are capable of providing the necessary maintenance and treatments to the roof before the painting service begins. This allows for the lifespan of both the roof and paint to be enhanced.
Furthermore, we can guarantee that maintenance in general will be reduced. This is down to the assurance that all issues are fixed from the start. Moreover, our metal roof services will focus on the inspection of any leaks or cracks which can be sealed.
If roof screws need to be replaced due to damage that has been sustained, we can provide this included in the painting service. After this, if any metal sheets need to be replaced, it will be an additional service.
Whether this is for domestic or corporate roofing, we will ensure that the aesthetic benefits. Further-more, we provide our services with the goal of decreasing maintenance requirements and increasing the use of sustainable paint.
This is why we use Green Paint as we know that we have the means to decrease our environmental impact. On top of this, we are proud to be able to provide our clients with paint which affects the environment far less than traditional paints.
Paint Doctor therefore will perform an extensive analysis on your space. In this, we look to provide you with the desired look and feel that you have been dreaming of. We believe that by working together as company and client we can design the best painted space for you.
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