Choosing the right company to professionally paint your home.

Choosing the right company to professionally paint your home.


Painting your home is time-consuming and a lot of patience is required, why not have a professional company come in and do the job from start to finish to eliminate that stress in your life. We talk about questions to ask a painting company, what happens if you don’t use a primer before painting and what you should know before painting your home.

What questions do I ask a professional painting company?

Do you have referrals and a list of customers willing to verify your quality of work? In what way will my house be prepped for painting? What type and grade of paint will be used? Will you be using primer? What is your turnaround time? What do you charge to paint the entire house with all the materials? Asking these questions will give you a clear view before you give the go ahead.

What happens if you don’t use primer before painting?

Dry wall primer helps the paint adhere properly as it has a glue-like base. The proper paint adhesive should be used before painting. Priming is essential to avoid the peeling and chipping of paint, especially in very humid conditions. Failure to use primer will result in bad conditions in the long term.

What should you know before painting your home?

What type of paints attract dirt more than others, which paint colours fade quicker than others? You need to consider mother nature, using the correct primer and prep work. What materials you need for the job and how many coats of paint is required.

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