We have 250ml samples in selected products. Delivery within 48 hours. We only work in Gauteng.

Welcome To Paint Doctor

Welcome to Paint Doctor, a leading roof and wall painting company. We are a South African business based in Johannesburg and are ready to enhance your interior and exterior.

If you require an improvement on the aesthetic of your home we are the service for you. Not only do we supply top quality painting services, we also utilise Green products. The use of such products ensure that we take responsibility for our environmental impact on the earth.

We are dedicated to guaranteeing that we work as sustainably as we possibly can. As such, we view ourselves as more than just a roof painting company.

Our focus is that of balancing the environmental responsibility while giving our clients the flawless coat of paint they have been looking for.

Paint Doctor therefore will perform an extensive analysis on your space. In this, we look to provide you with the desired look and feel that you have been dreaming of. We believe that by working together as company and client we can design the best painted space for you.

Contact us for more information and browse through our services to find precisely what you need.

We have the capabilities to paint your space, refurbish it and remove all unnecessary and unwanted issues. Paint Doctor is passionate about the intricacies of painting. Our dedication as a wall painting contractor will assist in the refinement of your living space.

Walls and roofs can be transformed almost instantly into the aesthetic of your dreams.

Simply The Best Doctor

Paint Doctor will only supply your house with the best. The best quality products with the best service possible at all times.

Through the use of high quality products we will ensure that your house looks stunning. Moreover the amount of protection this top-notch paint provides guarantees that maintenance for your roof and walls are low.

Paint Doctor will assess the situation of your wall or roof. After this, the paint manufacturing company will be able to issue your house with the best possible service, with an approach that serves your house specifically.

Paint Doctor
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