Client partnerships

We partner with our clients on every project, creating a bespoke solution for the launching or upgrade of a new project.

Green Quality Products

We pride ourselves with only supplying products that are conducive to a clean and healthy environment

Skilled, Professional Staff.

Our staff has been equipped by the best trainers to supply workmanship with a level of excellence comfortable to our partners.

The correct diagnosis and paint prescription the first time

Our Clients

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Recent Articles

Harness the Power of Paint

If routine is getting you down and the need for change has put you one step away from yet another impromptu trip to the salon that you may regret, we have a much better idea for you – save your hair, paint your walls!   Choosing the Right Colour Whilst choosing a colour for your walls is largely influenced by...
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Importance of High Pressure Washing

We strongly advocate High Pressure cleaning, High pressure Cleaners are awesome pieces of equipment to have because they can cut through grime in no time (yes, that’s right I just made a little rhyme) making cleaning your house or industrial area that much easier, and more enjoyable. They are a necessary piece of equipment when coming to the ‘painting-your-building’ process, and we absolutely love them. Here’s why: What is High...
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Hues & Spaces..

Have you ever walked into a room and felt happiness or joy? And then shifted into another space and felt a sense of uneasiness, or dread. Do certain things on the shopping shelf attract you, and other certain things lend you no interest? Do you know what this is the product of? Colour. Whether houses or shopping products in shops – colour makes up for the vast majority of our responses, even if we don’t seem to know it. Colour...
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Project Supervision

Our painting company is able to take charge and administer any project no matter how large. All of our teams are headed by competent, trained team-leaders who report directly to the projects co-ordinator, and assures strict adherence to the company’s high standards of efficiency and quality control.

Partnerships Initiated

  • Upgrading Industrial Properties (Wall and Roof painting solutions and painting of steel structures) .
  • Upgrading privately owned properties. (Wall and Roof painting solutions)
  • These include solutions for Metal surfaces (roofs and sidings), Tiled roof surfaces and masonry surfaces (interior and exterior walls)

Additional partnerships initiated

  • Partnership solutions through damp-proofing interior and exterior surface
  • Upgrading Metal Roofs and Concrete slabs through Waterproofing.
  • Partnership to upgrade roof gutters and fascia boards
  • Partnerships to upgrade paint surfaces of various steel structures

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